About ESpecial Life

Especial Life is the leading magazine for the Dutch speaking market in the south of Spain. Our content always includes activities such as walks, day trips or short holidays in Andalusia, culture, nature, gastronomy, history or background information about Spanish life and sustainability.

Have you ever thought about reaching out to new markets? As you know, there are thousands of residents of different nationalities living at the Costa del Sol.

It might be interesting to reach out to the Dutch and Belgian audience in the South of Spain. There are over 20.000 officially registered Dutch speaking residents here, 70% of them enjoy life here without having to work anymore and in general they are well integrated in Spanish life. The stability of their financial situation and of the good political relations between Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands makes this audience an interesting target group.

Like to know more?
Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized strategy to get your business known amongst the Dutch speaking audience. Contact Marjan Schut: sales@especial-life.com

Not a publicity brochure
Of course advertisments  are important for to the magazine. Thanks to them, we can pay all costs and the readers can read their favorite stories for free.

Our policy is that a maximum of 35% of the pages may be used for advertisements. Our main focus is on the content and that is exactly why the reader picks up the magazine, reads almost all articles and saves it for family and friends.

Every two months we distribute 5,000 copies of the magazine in carefully selected locations of which we know they are frequented by Dutch and Belgian residents as well as tourists.

Apart from a few villages in the interior of the province of Málaga, the magazine is mainly distributed in all the towns and cities between Nerja and Sabanillas.

The readers of the printed magazine
In the province of Málaga alone, more than 20,000 Dutch-speaking inhabitants are officially registered. Two thirds of them enjoy life here without having to work and in general they are well integrated into Spanish life.

The stability of their financial situation and the good political relations between Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands make this audience an interesting target group.

Our website contains a digital copy of all our magazines. In addition, we also publish all articles separately, per category.

And then there is also special ‘online only content’ for fun news from our advertisers, events and background information about current news.

All content is promoted on Facebook. Our website has more than 4,000 visits (from all over Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium) per month, on Facebook we have more than 1,380 active followers.

When a new magazine is out, or we have published several new articles on our site, we send an email to our readers. That way they don’t have to miss anything.

Quality first

All our articles are written by professional writers who research and experience all they write about. And it is because of this content that readers keep the magazine for when family and friends come over. Our design style can be described as clean, focusing on beautiful details and down to earth: a style that goes perfectly with the characteristics of our readers.

We firmly believe articles should be written by native speakers to get the best style and content possible. That is why we have not put an automatic translate system on this site.

The ESpecial Life team

eva meenhorst

Art editor

Helga van der Zon

Walks editor

Joyce van Ombergen-JOng


Kaspar Huijsman


marcel boers


Maria kupers

Creative Director

Marjan Schut

Commercial Director

Maybritte van Blijderveen


Nazli van der kieboom


ronald dorlas


Sander Klomp


Susanne Verboon

gastronomy editor